LITA FORD [MOTHER] | Director's Cut
Producer / Director / Concept: Victory Tischler-Blue
Status: Release Date: 5/08/2013

I was incredibly honored to have produced, directed and conceptualized this video for Lita's emotionally charged song "MOTHER".

We shot the clip in Joshua Tree, California as a very personal and private message to her two young sons - who Lita lost custody of after the break up of her marriage.

Stripped down and bare, the video was never intended to be released to the public, but as the song gained momentum, becoming an anthem for parents who had unwillingly become separated from their children - Lita and I decided to make the video available for everyone as a message of hope -

When you look into the sky at a shining star
Listen to your heart and know who you are

Lita Ford "MOTHER" Crew

Producer / Director / Concept: Victory Tischler-Blue
Director of Photography: Polly Morgan
Techno-Crane Operator: Brian Williams
Techno-Crane Operator: Lou Duskin
Canon USA Advisor: Tim Smith
Color-Grading: Bruce Feagle
Color-Grading: Glen Bennett / CO3
Additional Camera: Jacqui Frost
Assistant to VTB: Connie Kurtew
Special Thanks: Pat Brotman, Gary Hoey, Michael Hurst, Mitch Perry, Marty O'Brien, Teresa Ann Sivigliano & Bobby Collin.